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PAZEUM (PAZ) is defined as a digital currency backed by 999.9 fine gold that uses strong cryptography which is developed to fulfill all the functions of money in accordance as a peer-to-peer payment system.

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IEO Cryptocurrency Development. Pazeum

Pazeum offers an efficient and secure online method to buy, sale, hold, earn, spend, send, and redeem 99.99 fine gold coin

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PAZEUM (PAZ) has secure token minting and burning procedures so that each PAZEUM (PAZ) token is fully backed by five grams of 999.9 gold which is exclusively provided by LBMA member refineries..

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1. What is the TPS limit of the exchange platform?

We can handle millions of trades per second.

2. What are the security features enabled in the exchange?

We have equipped our exchange with advanced and strong security features like 2 Factor authentication, multisignature wallets and enabled DDoS, CSRF & SSRF Protection with Anti-Phishing Code that provide utmost security to the transactions.

3. Is your exchange scalable?

Our exchange is completely scalable and open to all advancements and developments. Our features support easy scalability and customizability for all your business needs.

4. Is PAZ backed by any asset?

PAZ is backed by 999.9 fine gold.

5. What can be traded on the exchange platform?

Our exchange is very flexible and is open to both fiat and cryptocurrencies like USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more Altcoins.

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